Kickstarter campaign - quest for a laser cutter

I'm super excited to be running a new Kickstarter campaign! On offer this time around is my brand new collection. But what this project is about is purchasing a laser cutter for Chocolate Brownie. I have found the machine, I have paid the deposit, and now I am trying to secure the rest of the finances. The finance company I am in conversation with have said that if I am able to contribute some more funds to the machine they will come to the party and provide me with the financing to purchase it. So this project's goal is getting those few extra dollars.

A laser cutter is my dream machine... It will speed up the production of my leather goods more than triple. It will enable me to customise your pieces... whether it be your initials on your wallet or your favourite quote on your bag or your logo on your journal cover, this machine will mean I can make your piece uniquely yours. Not only will this machine cut and engrave leather, it will also cut and engrave timber, acrylic, paper, cardboard, felt, and cork just to name a few. So this means my creativity can go wild and I can expand Chocolate Brownie to so much more than leather goods.

I would love for your support on this quest by helping spread the word or by pledging and scoring yourself a piece from the new collection (here's a link to the site

Thank you!

Eleisha NylundComment