The Kickstarter Campaign

Monday March 3rd at 8:00am was the launch of Chocolate Brownie's first Kickstarter campaign. It was an extraordinary 2 month build up to launch; with studio renovations, a photo-shoot, and the filming of the video just to name a few monumental happenings along the way. For the 24 hours before launch I had Moloko's "The Time is Now" stuck in my head, and if for a brief moment it wasn't playing I could hear Rafiki from The Lion King saying "It is time!" A little peculiar I know, but I was quite excited, and it's possibly proof that I had lived and breathed this whole process since Christmas.

Just over a week into the campaign and we're at 35%, pretty awesome right?! I'm so very grateful of all the support so far! You can check out the campaign here It'd rock my world if you'd take a moment to share it with your friends too.

Fanks awesome-sauces! 

Eleisha Nylund1 Comment